Our neighborhood is seeing a cultural renaissance as local businesses decide to open their businesses in Bayview.  It seems as if this transformation is taking place on a daily basis with new restaurants, retailers and entrepreneurs choosing to set up “shop” in Bayview.  One such business which operates locally is a boutique winery, Gratta Wines.


Wikipedia to the rescue: The garagistes refers to a group of innovative winemakers in the Bordeaux region, producing “Vins de garage”, “Garage wine”. A group emerged in the mid-1990s in reaction to the traditional style of red Bordeaux wine, which is highly tannic and requires long ageing in the bottle to become drinkable. The garagistes developed a style more consistent with perceived international wine tastes.Hands-On Personal Approach.  Bayview is no stranger to businesses and artists who take a “hands-on” approach to their craft, and Gratta Wines is no different.  Beginning with sustainably grown grapes from the old vines of Teldeschi Vineyards in Dry Creek Valley, through the crush, fermentation, pressing, barreling and bottling, each step is done by hand.  In Italian, Gratta means “from scratch”.

Now that is a philosophy we all can love! Speaking of LOVE, Barbara Gratta herself took the time to share a bit with all of us, and it is easy to see why there’s such adoration for her award winning wines!

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Q: What is the inspiration behind Gratta Wines?

BG: The inspiration to make wine was actually a dare from a friend…he challenged my authenticity as an Italian if I didn’t make it once in my lifetime!  I’m happy to say I’m still making it since 1997 and he is not.  Truthfully after the first time I was hooked. Growing up in NY I always had a preference for the fall and the harvest; the colors and smells of this season resonate with me. Making wine brings back memories of freshly pressed apple cider and doughnuts from the cider mill in Armonk.

Q: What I love most about Bayview is:

BG: I’ve lived in the Bayview since 1999.  I’ve always been amazed how much it is not like the stories you hear, although some of those stories are a reality, my experience has been a positive one…I think the main thing that stands out is the diversity of neighbors and willingness of people to come together as a community for the common good of all that is Bayview.

Q: My grandmother’s favorite Gratta wine would be:

BG: My maternal Grandmother was 4th of 13 kids, the first to be born in the US.  She was a very resourceful woman and I know my life was heavily influenced by her practical approach to life. I think she would prefer the OV Zinfandel as it is most similar to a hearty Italian table wine…and it would pair fantastically with her Linguine aglio et olio…hers and my favorite dish!

Q: Pair this! The perfect pairing with _______

BG: The perfect pairing for the 2008 Dessert Wine…depending on one’s mood, anything dark chocolate with raspberries or a nice salty blue cheese.

The 2010 Cabernet is very smooth, smokey with a hint of cherry.  Any type of roasted beef or pork…I’ve even had it with a grilled salmon

The OV Zinfandel is our signature…we’ve been making this from the get go.  Of course it’s terrific with Italian dishes, grilled burgers, ribs and vegetables, hearty stews…recently paired with miss Ollie’s in Oakland for her signature fried chicken…amazing!

Here are just a few awards that Gratta Wines has recently earned with their products:

2010 Dry Creek Cabernet – DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL at 2013 Fingerlakes International Wine Competition

2011 Old Vine Zinfandel – BRONZE MEDAL at 2013 SF International Wine Competition

2011 Dry Creek Cabernet Blend – BRONZE MEDAL at 2013 Fingerlakes International Wine Competition