The weather is beautiful and it’s time to get outside and enjoy these extra minutes of daylight we’re granted after Daylight Saving Time. From Sunday brunch to week day dinner, there are plenty of spots in the Bayview-Hunters Point to enjoy a picnic meal. Here are some of the best picnic areas in San Francisco.


Candlestick Point State Recreation Area

500 Hunters Point Expressway

Open 8am to 7pm

Restrooms available

The panoramic view of San Francisco is unapparelled at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area. A bit off the beaten path, it’s a quiet place to take in the scenery and enjoy your picnic favorites. Take a walk on the shoreline, or just sit and relax. And if you forgot to pack your meal, stop by The Storehouse at 451 Galvez Ave, #200 near The SF Shipyard to pick up a latte and a snack.


Hilltop Park

La Salle & Whitney Young Circle

Open 6am to 10pm

Restrooms available

Looking for a place to take the kids outside in San Francisco? Hilltop Park is the perfect spot. Featuring a play space, as well as the city’s first public skatepark, this park is the perfect location for a picnic with the family. Every kid loves a great cement slide down a natural hill. Don’t forget to bring your own cardboard for the slide!


Youngblood-Coleman Playground

1398 Hudson Street

Open 6am to 11pm

Restrooms available

For those who want to kick the ball around a bit after they enjoy lunch, visit the Youngblood-Coleman Playground. There’s artificial turf soccer and softball fields, as well as basketball and tennis courts in this sports park. Picnic areas are near the playscape—a perfect spot for the family.


Adam Rogers Park  

Ingalls & Oakdale, San Francisco

5am to 12am

Restrooms available

Trees abound in this hidden park, allowing for a great shaded picnic spot. Children can play in the sand area by the playground, while you relax at the cement tables. With views of the bay in the background, this spot is great for enjoying a scenic meal, complete with BBQs to grill up your favorites.