The Bayview has some of the most unique coffee shops in San Francisco, each with its own eclectic, bohemian or modern vibe. The atmospheres may differ in their intrigue, but they all share one thing—amazing iced coffee. Summer is the perfect time to try these cold brews and espresso drinks. So if you’re thinking, “where’s some iced coffee near me?”…save our curated list. We’re sure you’ll want to visit them all in a caffeine-fueled iced coffee tour.


Greaser Coffee

1730 Yosemite Ave.


This grab-and-go serves Snowbird Coffee (delicious if you haven’t tried it) and is excellently situated for a leisurely break. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back a few decades thanks to Greaser’s retro vibe, and the parklet across from the shop is the perfect place to savor your brew. Don’t forget to snap a picture of your coffee—the photogenic patterns and textures of Greaser Coffee are Instagram-worthy.


Ritual Roasters

1634 Jerrold Ave.


This urban oasis tucked into a back corner of Flora Grubb Gardens will make you forget that you’re in a major metropolis. Take a few minutes to sit and enjoy your iced coffee among the leaves. Or get your coffee and pastry to-go and take a leisurely stroll among the succulents, before heading back out into the city. Be sure to try a double shot of espresso poured over ice.


Roadhouse Coffeeshop

5191 3rd St.


Want something sweet with your iced latte? Visit this cute corner coffee shop and grab a pastry or bagel to go with your morning mug. Or, if you need an afternoon pick-me-up, you’ll find that Roadhouse Coffeeshop’s chocolate cake pairs beautifully with cold coffee. This family-owned business is a favorite with locals—stop by and settle into a comfortable seat to savor your brew.


Craftsman and Wolves – The Den

Between Keith and Jennings streets


True cold brew coffee is just the beginning of what this neighborhood jewel cooks up. Craftsman and Wolves opened its outpost called “The Den” in the Bayview in 2016, and its sweet and savory offerings have become legendary. The desserts are distracting, so don’t be surprised if you leave with a famous iced dulce de leche latte and a pastry or two.


The Storehouse

451 Galvez Ave.


This hangout located at the SF Shipyard is ideal for coffee, conversation and shopping. The menu features local roasts and craft cold brews. Not just iced coffee, cold brews are prepared and brewed with cool water over a 12 to 24-hour period. This creates a mellower coffee with a rounded taste. And if you’re still feeling like espresso, get your iced Chai latte dirty (with an add-shot).