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Hello, 2019

The new year provides a time to reflect on the things you’ve accomplished and set new goals, too! Ones that will help you celebrate your strength and tenacity and take you to new heights. Life is all about progress…not because you need to be different. But because, you need to be you— to the best of your ability.

Welcome to 2019. Let’s discover how to embrace your urban surroundings and explore the healthy eats, trails and gyms right here in the Bayview community.

Join a Movement

The U3Fit classes at the YMCA – Bayview, 1601 Lane Street, are more than a workout. Local business owner Lawanda is helping the community access their greatest potential with personal training, group classes, in-home meal consultation and nutrition assessments, as well as health and wellness coaching. Her inspiring story and captivating message of connecting your body, soul and purpose show that being you doesn’t mean stagnancy. There is always room for growth, never sacrificing the confidence you have in your identity.


Take to the Trails & Explore Your Outdoor Spaces

San Francisco, rich in culture and beautiful in landscape, is full of outdoor recreational destinations. The southeastern community is no different. Walk, jog or hike through the following parks and open spaces:

Heron’s Head Park, located at the end of Cargo way at Jennings Street, is open daily from dawn to dusk. These 22 acres are filled with ecological wetlands, native plants and grasses, and throughout the year, more than 100 species of birds visit the area. There is always something new to see.

Bayview Park, a 46-acre natural area located on LeConte Avenue, is open from 5am to midnight. Rich in plant-life and wildflowers, this space offers walking trails and a picturesque hilltop, plus a significant number of interesting lizards. The primary trail is a paved loop that is assessible from the eastern end of Key Avenue.

India Basin Shoreline Park is an 11-acre preserved wetland located at Hunters Point Boulevard and Hawes Street. It’s the only wetland within the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department that borders the bay. Take a step outside and imagine the future of this space, as the city has plans to transform it into a legacy park in a historic context, offering waterfront recreation while reclaiming its natural habitat and environmental purpose.


Healthy Eats on the Cheap

Mingle with friends and support local businesses without sacrificing your diet goals. Be part of the rising foodie scene at these Bayview community spots.

Order Banh mi at Duc Loi Pantry at 5900 Third Street. Despite its crusty French roll appearance, it’s filled with nutrient-rich ingredients like carrots, cucumbers, herbs and spinach.

Try a salad at the bakery Fox & Lion Bread, located at 5273 Third Street. The large portion of red leaf lettuce and greens is topped with hearty herbed potatoes, roasted red peppers and balanced with a protein-packed cheese.

You like pizza. Go for it boldly and select the Kale version at this Bayview hotspot. The superfood Kale pizza is layered with thinly sliced red onion and white truffle oil for a unique pop. All Good Pizza, located at 1605 Jerrold Avenue, is a must-try restaurant with an eclectic vibe and inspiring atmosphere.