Local brew fans and avid city cyclists, meet your new favorite neighbor.

Third Street’s newest addition, Velobrews, is a Cafe and Cycling Community Center that offers San Franciscans a little tune-up alongside a cup of local coffee.

A labor of love between business partners Ross Del Duca and Jennifer Leeper — both long-term Bayview residents — Velobrews aims to fill a void of bike shops on the South side of the City. Ross explains, “There’s a huge missing piece of bike shops here. It just sort of clicked.” Together with the support of the surrounding community, Velobrews aims to empower more cyclists to brave the streets of San Francisco, “We’re not trying to get rich, we’re trying to get more people on bikes.”

“It’s something I’d been thinking about for a number years,” Ross tells us. “I’d go to the pub, have a pint, watch a soccer game, and I thought why isn’t there a similar venue for cycling and bikes.” In Ross’ words, it was the realization that most bikes shops weren’t conducive to hanging out that pushed him to create Velobrews, “a cafe and bike shop where people can grab a cup of coffee, sit and talk about bikes.”

Next time you wander down Third Street, pop in, say hi and grab a cup of Velobrews’ exclusive Peloton coffee blend!

Join Velobrews and The San Francisco Shipyard for a community cycling tour of the old shipyard, including exclusive access to naval property, on Saturday, August 2nd 2014. For more details on the tour or to RSVP, check out the event page right here.

To learn more about Velobrews, check out Ross and Jennifer’s recent interview with KQED.

Photo courtesy of Velobrews.