A symbol of Bayview’s resilience and strength, new mural Bayview Rise makes headlines in local media!

If you haven’t seen it yet, we encourage each and every one of our readers to cruise down 3rd Street for a peek of the new Bayview Rise mural right along Islais Creek.

Painted onto the former gran elevator and silos of the Port of San Francisco Pier 92 by artists Haddad-Drugan, Bayview Rise stands at a majestic 187 feet tall. Calling on the surrounding neighborhood’s vivid history and promising future, Bayview Rise takes inspiration in the stories of local residents, incorporating their dreams and wishes into the crane that soars far over the heads of passers by.

“[Bayview Rise] weaves together iconic imagery reflecting the Bayview neighborhood’s changing economy, ecology, and community. Its large-scale graphics will make its primary images visible from a distance, while views up close will reveal the abstract patterns from which those images are composed. In the night sky, the imagery is animated with lighting effects to allow viewers to enjoy the work throughout the day. The artwork is conceived as a gateway into Bayview Hunters Point and will be visible and changing from day to night.”
Extract from Port of San Francisco

For more coverage on the piece click right here, or scroll down for an extract from the SFGate.com article and a short video celebrating Bayview Rise’s unveiling.