Stationed on our bustling Third Street Corridor, Flora Grubb’s delicious gardens are no secret to 94124 locals. As Harper’s Bazaar picks up on one of Bayview’s best kept secrets, The San Francisco Shipyard is excited for our green-fingered neighbors to now become a household name for avid gardeners across the country.

Calamity! We are no longer the only one’s spending our sunny Sundays enjoying a cup of Ritual coffee at Bayview’s Flora Grubb.

Just last week, as the fashion world turned its long-lashed gaze towards San Francisco for the Mid-Winter Gala, Harper’s Bazaar sent San Franciscan It-Girl, Vanessa Getty, to dig up her favorite spots in The City. Tucked in amongst Downtown’s new hotel and private club The Battery, North Beach’s swanky Tosca Cafe and our long-loved Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market, Getty pays homage to Flora Grubb noting it as “The go-to destination for unique plants and garden accessories.” For Getty, “walking through the garden is a treat is a treat- the design is ever changing.”

Follow the rest of Vanessa Getty’s “Ten Best Spots” on or pay a visit to Flora Grubb by checking out their website right here