The San Francisco Shipyard is proud to share the success of local mead manufacturers “The San Francisco Mead Company,” who were recently featured in SF Gate!

Read a short extract from the feature below or click right here to read the full article.

“Inside a warehouse in the Bayview, a husband-and-wife team is aging 6,000 gallons of mead, the ancient, honey-based drink once favored by the Greek gods.

Mead, with its difficult-to-categorize place between wine and beer, has always been a tough sell, but Sarah and Oron Benary of San Francisco Mead Co. are betting that mead will become the new drink for the libation literati.

[…] Just like wine can reflect the flavor of a place, so can mead through all the different honey harvests, and it’s a whole genre of drink that has been entirely missed for hundreds of years,” says Sarah, who rowed on the U.S. Olympic team in 2000 and 2004.
“Our goal is to buy and sell locally, so the money stays in the community,” says Oron, who used to work for an industrial paint coating company.[…]”

For more information, or to contact Sarah and Oron Benary of The San Francisco Mead Co. visit their website
Photo Courtesy of Brant Ward, The Chronicle