Bayview Hunters Point is  beautiful and strong community with a host of people making a difference each day.  One local celebrity is Yvonne Hines, owner of Yvonne’s Southern Sweets.

Located at the 5128 Third Street, Yvonne’s Southern Sweets has become a local favorite for anyone with a sweet tooth. Yvonne began by making sweets for family and friends who repeated urged her to share her gift of baking with others.  A simple sentence from her website sums up the result beautifully:
Yvonne opened her store in the Bayview Hunters Point community in 2006… and the rest is history.

As we wandered down Third Street, Yvonne was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to give The San Francisco Shipyard a brief interview regarding her incredible bakery.

Q: Your shop has been in BVHP since 2006. What do you love most about the community?

YH: BVHP community is a revitalizing and diverse community.

During our conversation, Yvonne goes on to describe how local support assisted in the success of her business; Bayview Renaissance aided in marketing and consulting while operational support came from Eclectic Cookery and Officers for Justice.

The bakery’s overall retail space has undergone some recent renovations which makes it more inviting and allows her to have a better workspace. The renovations have not gone unnoticed, as her storefront was recently selected (twice) by SF SHINES beautification program for Façade Improvement and Tenant Improvement.  Some of the improvements included new marketing materials and new website as well as the redesign of the layout of her shop, with the creation of a prep area, new equipment, cabinets, paint interior of shop and new light fixtures.

When asked about her tasters – a job we would love to have – Yvonne shared that she doesn’t use tasters for here treats, instead she relies on her family and friends’ feedback.

Q: Are pralines still your most recognized, famous item — or are you getting good buzz on some other items in your line-up?

YB: My Pralines and Butter Cookies are my most recognized items. We are getting a buzz on our Lemon Ice Box Pie.

And it gets better, as Yvonne is planning to expand her menu items to include Retro Candies, Milkshakes and even Sundaes…yum! She also has Gift Baskets, great for any holiday or celebration.

Don’t just take our word on how tasty these treats are, as Yvonne’s Yelp reviews say more about her talent and appreciation from her community than we could.

Yvonne is the REAL deal. Her treats are delicious, her smile is infectious, and her service is friendly. Can’t ask for more! – Gail H.

When biting into a pecan praline baked by Yvonne, I get a delicious burst of sweet and nutty, salty and buttery flavor. Suddenly my head starts to hum a sweet little dixieland jazz tune… Oh my! I think I have been transported from San Francisco to the South. I feel like I’m standing in the middle of old-timey street in New Orleans, enjoying what might be one of the most sinfully rich and decadent treats one can experience. – Jasmine W.

What a wonderful, charming, passionate, smile inducing, full of life experience. And I’m not just talking about Yvonne’s butter cookie. I’m talking about Yvonne herself. – Jason B.

We couldn’t agree more, Jason.