When it comes to the things that make life in San Francisco one-of-a-kind, Bayview contributes its own vibrant flavor!

We love to eat and drink; we take delight in the arts scene, cultural activities (both traditional and ahead of the curve); and we celebrate the people, places and community efforts that improve life for us all. Here’s a sampling of the many things that make us proud to call Bayview home:

A Cultural Identity All Our Own

  • The Bayview Opera House is a community cultural and arts center operated by nonprofit Bayview Opera House Inc., offering free and low-cost arts events. You’ll find art exhibits and performances, community festivals, and arts education for young people. You can even rent the Opera House for your next performance, presentation, or big family gathering!
  • Imprint.City is a nonprofit that is part of the fabric of Bayview, promoting economic growth by sponsoring arts and cultural events that draw crowds to community businesses. Imprint.City turns underused places into performance and visual arts venues through a variety of festivals and special projects.  An example we love is the “Sprayview” mural project, which has rejuvenated Egbert Avenue. The Southside Festival, the Burning Man-inspired BayviewSPARC and the BayviewLIVE Festival are other events that draw lively crowds to the neighborhood.


Something Fresh and Exciting for Every Palate

  • Radio Africa & Kitchen offers Chef Eskender Aseged’s unique creations of seasonal, nutritious cuisine featuring organic vegetables, greens, grains, nuts, wild fish, shellfish and fruit, paired with fine herbs and spices. And we’re so glad he does! On Community Tuesdays, the restaurant hosts local music, arts and culture events. Check out the next one!
  • Craftsman & Wolves is a delightful pâtisserie and cafe offering breakfast pastries, cakes, breads, confections, confitures, desserts, and lunches. Chef William Werner is a 2015 and 2016 finalist for the James Beard “Outstanding Baker” award. Think, “the perfect Saturday morning.”
  •  SF Mead Company features production and tasting tours (including tastes of raw honey), complete with a take-home tasting glass. The focus is on supporting the local economy – including beekeepers – using sustainable practices in bringing this ancient fermented beverage to today’s Bayview.


Art – A Bayview Cultural Cornerstone

  • The Bayview Rise mural is an eye-catching landmark at the Port of San Francisco’s Pier 92 grain silos on Islais Creek. The illuminated, animated mural depicts Bayview’s evolving world with incredible imagery and captivating giant graphics that are unforgettable during the day or at night.
  • And we certainly cannot forget: Shipyard Trust for the Arts plays a vital role in supporting the more than 250 artists that make Bayview home to one of the nation’s largest artist communities. STAR promotes artists’ interests and sponsors after-school and summer arts programs, adult education, and salons where artists can interact with art lovers.


When it Comes to Community, There’s No Place Like Home

  • Project Wreckless opens the road to a better future for at-risk kids by teaching them the multiple skills needed to restore and market cars. The seven-month program cycles them through a variety of jobs, helping them develop job skills and responsibility, confidence, and pride.
  • Quesada Gardens The Quesada Gardens Initiative, founded in 2002, has built backyard and community gardens, grown food, created public art, promoted public gathering spaces and community events, and supported neighborhood communications and networking. The objective is to connect people from all walks of life for positive and sustainable social change. It doesn’t get much better!