Today we’re highlighting one of our start employees!


David Rooney



Princeton, NJ


Current position

Senior Operations Manager for The San Francisco Shipyard. At the site, I monitor and support operations for homeowners and tenants – such as the shuttle transportation, security services, coordination for art events on-site, and rent collection for commercial users.


How long have you been doing real estate operations?

20 years.


Why did you take the job at The SF Shipyard?

It is an exciting project, a real challenge, and just meeting the exciting people that I would work with here. It was all very impressive to me!


What are the parts of the community that excite you the most?

The fact that we are essentially building a small town on land that has been unused, it is exciting to bring this new story to life. Also, the technology implemented to support this community, with the connectivity, the App for homeowners, is all amazing.


What’s your favorite part of the job?

I enjoy the combination of planning for the creation of the larger community and the programming to support it, with the “boots-on-ground” engagement with homeowners, tenants and vendors.


How would you describe the residents at the SF Shipyard?

They’re visionaries. They are moving to a neighborhood that is new and they are able to see the possibilities.


What are some fun facts about you?

Newlywed this April.

Love the Bay Area, but got here way too late.


How do you work with the community?

I try to understand and utilize the resources around me. With so many smart people, the solutions are often right around you.