With its place in the middle of summer, there are many things to love about July – one being that it’s National Picnic Month! Read: a time to celebrate with moveable feasts and outdoor urban adventures with friends.

And lucky for us, Bayview is home to beautiful parks (some in our backyard!) with plenty of other great options right next door. Go as a couple, go as a family, or in a big group – but go!

It’s a good idea to see if you need reservations, so follow the links for contact info where available, along with other notes on hours, restroom availability and more.



Hilltop Park at The SF Shipyard – What a View

Innes Court

If you want to bask in the scenery of the Southeastern waterfront, take your picnic basket to The San Francisco Shipyard’s Hillpoint Park at the end of Innes Court. Designated picnic areas with special seating are accented by an elevated plaza, native plants, beautiful views and incredible local artwork. Innes Court is a gateway into the community, with picnic and play areas and ornamental gardens.


Hilltop Park – Skateboards and a Sundial

La Salle & Whitney Young Circle

Enjoy one of the Bayview’s contributions to recent recreational history by visiting the city’s first public skateboard park (which is still in use!). If you forgot your watch, don’t worry – just stop by the huge 70-foot sundial, the base of which is the amphitheater stage. If you aren’t into skateboarding, the park invites spectators with benches and grass area to sit and pull out picnic baskets to eat and enjoy a few tricks on the board!



John McLaren Park – Big and Beautiful

Mansell St. and John F. Shelley Dr. (Picnic Area, 118 John F. Shelley Dr.)

You won’t lack for something to do in San Francisco’s second-largest park, after Golden Gate Park.  John McLaren has a designated picnic area for groups, playgrounds, and game courts. Its 312 acres also is home to the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, a golf course, McNab Lake and the newly renovated Coffman Pool.


Precita Park – Just Right for Family Fun

3200 Folsom St.

Compact Precita Park packs a lot into a kid-friendly two acres. The little ones are mesmerized by the butterfly garden and can run, jump and play at the gated playground or on the park field. Parents can relax, chat and watch from comfortable benches. And you can bring your dog (perhaps the most important part!).