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  • Parks

    Innes Court Park is the kind of place our kids will get nostalgic for.


    Just across up the street from The Shipyard’s first homes, Innes Court Park is the community’s little spot in the sun. Flanked by native trees and gardens, the park is all grassy lawns, public art installations, and a playground with a jungle gym inspired by the shipyard’s old gantry crane.

    Considering that the Shipyard is one of the few spots in San Francisco that boasts almost continually sunny and mild days, this park – and the acres that have yet to come – will be the perfect setting for any lazy Saturday.

  • Connectivity

    Stream through the interweb seamlessly with Race Gigabit Connectivity.


    Your city is exceptional in technology and your home should be, too.

    Offering lightning fast 1Gbps Internet speed, The Shipyard is proud to offer Race Communications as the community’s preferred Internet provider, powering your home with state-of-the-art fiber Internet technology. 

    Imagine glitch free web-browsing, movie-watching, conference-calling, photo-uploading in seconds. Yes, it is possible.

    With speed 100 times faster than DSL or cable, Race’s gigabit Internet services are built to handle today’s increasingly connected life.

  • The Storehouse

    Provisions with purpose to start your day.

    The Storehouse

    Sometimes the stories behind the goods we buy are just as important as the goods themselves. We wonder about where our coffee beans were grown. We talk about who we ran into while picking up fresh milk, organic apples or a sneaky candy bar.

    Right on the doorstep of The San Francisco Shipyard, The Storehouse is what you might call a specialty general store. It’s more than a convenient spot to pick up essentials. With store manager Bobbi Pooni and his team, the Storehouse is a place for conversations, for ideas and for neighborly ruminations over Bayview-brewed lattés. 

    Featuring local Bayview and San Francisco artisans, from candle crafters and honey makers to famed Humphry Slocombe ice cream fabricators, the Storehouse is a space where food, craft coffee and San Francisco sundries dwell with the people and stories that make them unique.

  • The Shuttle

    Complimentary residents’ shuttles service at The Shipyard’s doorstep connecting you to the City.

    The Shuttle

    Operating during morning and evening commute hours on weekdays, and morning to afternoon on the weekends, The Shipyard Shuttles offer daily routes from The Shipyard to Downtown San Francisco with stops along the Third Street Corridor, Dogpatch, SOMA, CalTrain and Downtown San Francisco.

    For public transit, the 19 MUNI line and T Third Street light rail connect to the rest of the city’s transportation. But get ready, in a few short years, there’ll be a new rapid transit transportation hub at the heart of The Shipyard feeding and fueling the rest of the city. (We’re excited too).

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